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2008-Feb-25 - St Howard's day 2008, Return of the Saint


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2008-Mar-2 - comment from st howard, recieved last thursday

Greetings !

As Sean so rightly pointed out, I am back from my peace tour. It was a refreshing experience and a real eye opener, many stories I can tell you.

Anyway, as mentioned St Howard's day 2008 will soon be upon us and this years celebrations will be one to remember, to be sure, to be sure.

I am quite happy with whatever plans are made. but what ever we do I hope it will be a night of celebrations, fellowship and good tidings. As usual wenches will be absent.

Thankyou again to Sean for setting up this fantastic blog and would hope that all participants of the ST HOWARDS DAY CELEBRATIONS 2008 will take a little time out to add a comment or make a suggestion.

Many Thanks

St Howard
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2008-Mar-2 - breaking news


Rare images of the first ever St. Howards day in 634 BC have just been
uncovered by the leading St.Howard historian Professor Bernard Twat.

Professor Twat has dedicated his entire life unraveling the mysteries
of St.Howards day.

"As you can see in the images everyone is shit-faced with their cocks
hanging out" says the Professor. Panis exposure is an ancient St.
Howards day ritual which is still practiced today.  "Also note the
lack of wenches, a tradition that has been fiercely upheld since that
Sunny Friday 2700 years ago".
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2008-Feb-25 - ST HOWARD'S DAY 2008



This years celebrations promises to be one of the best yet as we are expecting the return of the Saint himself.

St. Howard will be present again following last years absence for the Saint's peace tour.

The procession will be starting from 1.00 onwards on Friday 21 March 2008.

Please keep checking this site for updates on latest arrangments and feel free to leave comments and suggestions for this year's big day.

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legend of st howard


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